jenniferlove3736: I'm happy to be here!
mrhonorable: Hi there
mrhonorable: And I am glad you are here too...
mrhonorable: I am honored, to fall under the shadow of your smile !
jenniferlove3736: How are you doing today?
mrhonorable: I am doing really well.. What is the weather like there in Virginia ?
jenniferlove3736: Im not currently there dear
mrhonorable: OK.. let me guess...
mrhonorable: France?
jenniferlove3736: Im now in western part of africa Accra i will return back in one week time
mrhonorable: So.. what are you doing in Ghana ?
jenniferlove3736: I came here to take care of my sick auntie
mrhonorable: I am so sorry............
mrhonorable: will she be ok?
jenniferlove3736: Yes she is feeling fine now
mrhonorable: I am glad...................
mrhonorable: what international force do you serve with ?
jenniferlove3736: I dont understand that
mrhonorable: Your profile says you serve with a large international force.. what force is that ?
jenniferlove3736: I serve in church
jenniferlove3736: what are you looking for
mrhonorable: Someone sweet and precious, real, genuine... who will love me as much as I love her...
mrhonorable: Should be simple, right? *smiles*
jenniferlove3736: Im also looking for someone who will love me and take good care of me
jenniferlove3736: Do you have yahoo
mrhonorable: I do...
mrhonorable: give me your email addy?
jenniferlove3736: jennifferannanse
mrhonorable: Nothng simplier Cassandra? *smiles*
jenniferlove3736: add me
mrhonorable: I already planned on adding you... to my scammer pages... I have already reported you to Christian Dating for free.. I just needed your yahoo profile to add that to my 'Scammer Beware" pages...
mrhonorable: Does Cassandra Coltro Fernandez know you are using her pic/
jenniferlove3736: fuck you thunder will strike you dead tonight
mrhonorable: Doubtful ~
jenniferlove3736: You are talking to spirit of dead
mrhonorable: explain ?
jenniferlove3736: Go and suck your mother pussy
jenniferlove3736: You will not wake up when you sleep
mrhonorable: To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.. I don't fear it *smiles*
jenniferlove3736: ok you wait and see the fucking problem you will go through
mrhonorable: This is the page I will be adding you too:
mrhonorable: Woking on it as we speak !
jenniferlove3736: If you like go to cnn
jenniferlove3736: fuck you pig
jenniferlove3736: white pig
mrhonorable: why is it.. you when guys get caught, trying to rip people off, WE'RE the bad guys?
jenniferlove3736:: white pig
jenniferlove3736: Go to Hell
mrhonorable: You know there are more honorable ways to make a living !
jenniferlove3736: white pig *** jenniferlove3736's IC window is closed