SCAMMER: Letter Texts

Scammer KNOWN Email Addresses:,

Initial Contact
WWWoW!!!!You are accomplished looking guy. So splendid. You thrilled my mind. But then I guess you got such act on all girls. Are you be engaged in homologous? If you want to know more about me, you need to reply to me.

First Letter
Hi George, it Nadin.
I'm sorry I`ll have not replied sooner. Good surprise to receive yours message. ;)

I make my apologize for the mistakes I can make in the letters.
I never had experience in correspondence with men through the Internet.
Therefore, I do not know what I can say to take your attention and you will know that the person Writing to you is not like others or that special someone that you are looking for.
I will speak to you from my heart and know that I'm at first foremost genuine And sincere in my effort to find my second half and soul mate.
Okey..I'm 28 years old. I live one in an apartment belonging to my mom.
I`m working as the dentist. I`ll have not been ever married and I have no children.
"Nadin" - my NICKNAME. Only friends name me so. My real name- Mariya. Nice to meet you ;)))))
But name "Nadin", is more pleasant to me. Therefore name me "Nadin".
I hope to you, this name is pleasant for you?! George, this your real name?
If it so. That you has very beautiful name. Probably it is a compliment :`)))))))
I'like to travel to new and different places. I have many friends and we spend time together.
Usually we go the cafe,to the movies and to concerts. We have many other entertainments.
I like to cook and experiment on new meals. I participate in various sports: swimming, tennis, aerobics, running.
I think that every person should keep fit and be in a good shape.
I visit the gym 2 times a week. (Tuesday and thursday).
By the way. Today I should go on gym :-)I hold my body in the healthy form.
Write me George. You have any sports in your life now?
Tell me about what interesting things you like to do, such as your hobbies?
Tell me about your character? When and where you were born? Tell me much more about you.
I gave you a major part of my history, I'm really anxious to hear more from you real soon.
I have sent you my picture. I hope that you like them.
I ask you to send more photos! Well, I' will close this letter
And I do hope to get your reply.
Warmest regards

Sincerely yours Nadin.

Second Letter
Hi again, George.

I'm sending mail but look like you do not get it, please check your SPAM folder and let me know.
And I need to tell you more about myself so we`ll start learning more about each other.I know you are agree :))))

Okey: I was born in 19 November 1984. I'm 28 years old, 5.6 tall (168 sm), and about 121 pounds. My hair colour - Fair. My eyes are a blue..
My favourite color is pink. I do not smoke.,reject drugs..I do not accept alcohol. But I prefer white sparkling wine...

I'm a kind and caring person,tender and also very affectionate.
I am a very sincere and devoted woman who does not cheat or play games in life.
I'm kind, faithful, honest and intelligent, loving fun, with a good sense of humor, Good conversationalist and I' like to listen. I have a large heart ready for big love that I'have no one yet to give to. I want to find warm, caring, honest, loyal, trustworthy, Affectionate, passionate, hard working, confident, romantic man who Is searching for friendship- (true love and serious relationship).
I'am very family orientated and would like to make a family with the right person.
Could it be you? Lets keep in touch and find out. I'm looking for a serious relationship And commitment that may go into marriage and a family. I do not belive in divorce so the marriage I hope will be for me for a lifetime and I will be faithful to my partner. I'm a hopeless romantic, love candle light and walks on the beach at night :-) I love nature, especially fresh air And the sweet smell just before it rains. I'm a good listener and understanding person.
I visit church, not so frequently but i believe in the god and I too the god and I too the Christian.
I believe Jesus should be in charge of any happy home for there to be everlasting peace.
With Him, violence is never the answer and He always protects his people from harm.
I'm a little bit interested in politics and I watch what politicians do, in terms of the economy.
So, tell me more of yourself. When is your birthday? Do you like my eyes please let me know?
Are you interested in politics? What is your religion?

I forgotto tell you about where I have met you.
I have come in Internet-cafe to find the good person for myself.
For me it is my first acquaintance with the Internet. Therefore I asked the operator in Internet-cafe
He has created to me email and he has shown me a site where I could get acquainted.
The operator has registered me on several sites. After that the letter has come to me from a site.
It was your email. Support service sent me a message that you can be my mutual partner in all parametres.
The general interests, hopes and dreams. I completely trust such testings! And that`s why I have decided to write to you letter.
I hope you are not against? I`ve done this right? But I did not see your photos.
Therefore, send some your photos! Not so long ago. Because I have found you!
I have decided to remove the questionnaires with dating sites. I the same day have removed all profiles from several dating sites. Where I was registered in search of man. At present. I cannot tell to you:
from which site of acquaintances to me the letter has come. Therefore write to me here.
Speak more about itself. And don't forget to send your photos! My next letter,
I`ll tell you where I was born and where I live.
I hope to hear from you really soon!

Sincerely yours Nadin.